We offer services in the areas of 'organizational effectiveness' which entails areas such as Leadership Development, Change Management, Talent Management, Executive Coaching and Management Training. We also provide Human Resource professionals with strategies and tactics to emerge as business partners and help develop HR credibility within the organization. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Leadership Development


We also help our clients achieve their leadership development goals by grooming and developing the ‘next’ generation of the leaders in the areas of ‘business strategy execution’, ‘leading innovation’ and ‘managing change’. We provide consulting support to the organizations to help them address the following needs:

  • Identifying top talent
  • Designing the structure and management of leadership development programs
  • Measuring the impact of leadership of development offerings
  • Developing women in leadership
  • Measuring the impact of leadership development offerings



Change Management


Changing a corporate culture is an ongoing process, which takes time and requires constant monitoring. It is about transforming the organization through continuous influence and the shaping of beliefs, assumptions, values, and patterns of behavior of people towards creating a desired work environment. We can help organizations develop strategies and toolsets to bring about an effective change and to sustain it as well.



Talent Management


In today’s business climate, where growth is largely a product of creative and technological advancements, human capital is one of a company’s most valuable assets. To obtain a competitive advantage, companies must attract, retain, and engage talented employees.




Executive Coaching


Today, more than ever before, executives and managers at all levels of an organization realize the benefits of having a coach – someone who is not in their organization; whom they don’t have to impress; with whom they can be candid, who will listen without judgment, who will be objective, maintain confidentiality, and help them develop a plan for development at multiple levels – personal, professional, team, organizational and business. Executives need this outside support particularly during times of traumatic change such as downsizing, acquisitions and mergers.




Management Training


Altvia Consulting provides both proprietary as well as customized training programs in the following areas:

  • People Skills
  • People Management
  • Motivation
  • Influencing
  • Communications
  • Managing Self
  • Diveristy and Inclusion
  • DMAIC Tools for Quality
  • PDCA Training


Our own proprietary leadership workshops are mostly designed using the case study methodology introduced by the Harvard Business School.



Project Based Consulting


Many of our clients engage Altvia Consulting to conduct special projects that require expertise they may not currently have in house or when they need to accelerate project completion. 



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