Change Management

The most successful organizations in the long-term are those that continuously adapt to changes in the competitive environment. The forces for change in the competitive environment are manifold and continue to build at an accelerated rate.


Altvia Consulting helps its clients manage change as a continuing process, not as a series of discrete events. We assist the managers to understand change and seek to adapt their companies to a dynamic environment by conducting cultural assessments to achieve the following objectives for our clients:

  • Adapt to changing economic conditions,
  • Align respective visions, missions, goals and the environment,
  • Analyze and close the gap between the current and desired culture,
  • Enable the organization to adapt to changes and compete in the marketplace,
  • Maximize ability to attain strategic objectives.


The cultural assessment phase comprises two tasks: assessing the existing culture of the organization and determining the desired corporate culture which would facilitate change. After the assessment phase we help organizations to empower their employees to embrace, communicate and implement change.




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