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Workshop Title: Managing My Career


Managing My Career is both an art and a science. It is an art because it entails managing yourself as well as managing up and down the organizational hierarchy. It is a science because you need to know where you are headed in terms of your career, what types of internal and external factors are shaping your career decisions, what you need to do to achieve your career aspirations, what are the gaps in your current competencies, how you bridge them and get ready and able to graduate to the next level of skill sets and responsibilities.


During this process of self-discovery you will unveil both internal and external motivation factors. In this workshop, you will be exposed to and will apply several tools that will help you navigate your careers. We will also identify ways on how you can be nimble and all embracing of changing environment at work place because with every cloud of ‘change’ comes a silver lining of growth opportunities.


At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

1.    Define change management and why it is required as a leadership competency for success.

2.    Identify the characteristics of ‘successful’ change leaders.

3.    Define and distinguish between different models of change.

4.    Identify your organizational environment and select the appropriate strategy for change.

5.    Prepare an implementation guide for change management.

6.    Conduct the organizational readiness and identify barriers to change and the remedies to deal with those barriers.

7.    Identify risks that could derail the change efforts and provide solutions to mitigate those risks.

8.    Define ways to empower changing behavior and develop key competencies to sustain change.

9.    Create a communications strategy to manage change in the organization.



Workshop Title: Cultural Diversity and Inclusion


Cultural Diversity and Inclusion is a course for supervisors and managers in establishing a professional work environment and preventing harassment and discrimination in their work units. Harassment and discrimination complaints cost the average large corporation millions of dollars a year in settlements, judgments, absenteeism, and unproductive work time. More costly still is the chilling effect of harassment and discrimination on employees who witness or hear of these injustices. Productivity and company loyalty are reduced, and a climate that does not try to root out these issues makes it difficult for employees to either remain with the company or to stay productive in their jobs.


This workshop examines phenomena and processes in general and with regard to specific dimensions such as gender, race and ability. It is designed to increase knowledge of diversity in organizations, understanding others' perspectives, and ability to work well with people who differ from themselves.


At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

1.       Understand the importance of valuing differences in a global organization and the importance of a respectful work environment

2.       Describe many of the ways in which people differ from one another (dimensions of diversity) and explain how those differences affect people‘s experiences and behavior.

3.       Explore gender imperatives and how they may influence attitudes toward others in the workplace.

4.       Discuss some of the specific challenges involved in effectively managing diversity along various dimensions of diversity.

5.       Explain the cultural and psychological processes that influence how individuals perceive and react to others – especially those who differ from themselves.

6.       Introduce you to cultures that are likely to become increasingly relevant in the world of global business, or to expose you to cultures that demonstrate important similarities and differences to the American culture.

7.       Understanding the behaviors which constitute harassment in the workplace and the various forms of harassment.

8.       Explore management responsibility, and legal issues that surround harassment and discrimination in the workplace.


Duration: 1 Day



Workshop Title: Leading and Managing Change


Leading and Managing Change is uncomfortable for many people and yet it is something we all live with permanently. The only thing constant in our lives is ‘change’. We would struggle without change.  Predicted change is taken in our stride, interuptive change is resisted. Yet it is interuptive change that often creates the step needed to realign to our strategic position - both as an individual and as an organization. Yet most organizations fail in terms of new initiatives, capital investments, re-alignment, M&A activity or divestitures’. Why? Not because the organization does not have competent manager but because they do not have competent ‘change’ leaders and managers who can not only lead change but also sustain it for some time until the organizational objectives have been addressed.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

1.    Identify, create and sell the value proposition for change.

2.    Evaluate and diagnose the organizational readiness for change.

3.    Create a communication and marketing strategy.

4.    Learn ways to identify risks that could derail the change effort and identify ways to mitigate those risks

5.    Define ways to empower changing behavior and develop talent to sustain change.



Duration: 2 Days



Workshop Title: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders



Developing the ‘Next’ Generation of Leaders, we live in a world of changing global economy with companies off shoring or outsourcing their business operations to the countries abroad. Thus, to be effective in this global village with increased exposure to different cultures, multi-generations, what type of skills and competencies do the existing and emerging leaders need to acquire to successfully navigate the waters of global economic interdependence. In this workshop we will seek to expand your global mindset and provide you with knowledge and practical tools that you can use to achieve success in the global business environment. As well as develop your existing and new leadership competencies to be effective in the global workplace.


At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

1.       Self-identify yourself as a manager or a leader.

2.       Develop techniques to transition to being a leader.

3.       Identify the competencies needed to take you to a leadership mindset.

4.       Identify how a global mindset can effectively execute the international strategies of the firm, guided by an awareness of cross-cultural differences.

5.       Define your leadership trademark.


Duration: 1 Day




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